How to Become a Certified Event Planner

When people think of an event planner, they assume it is a person who can find the best cake or decorate a party.  But no one tells you that event planning is a professional skill set to enhance your career or start your own business.  Event planning requires a high degree of verbal and written communication, negotiation, organization, and time management skills.

The skills you learn in event training courses can easily be transferred to administration, marketing, or sales positions.  Listing certified event planner on your resume or professional profiles shows a prospective employer or client that you have invested in your professional development.  This investment often yields higher pay, promotions, and salary increases.


What is a certified event planner?

A certified event planner is an individual who has formal event training and the experience required to take an assessment to determine their eligibility to earn an event certificate.  After earning a certificate, the certified event planner is required to renew their certification to maintain consistency and ongoing training in the events industry.   The certification represents having accountability for upholding the highest standards in the industry.  An event planning certification can be earned from event associations, colleges, or training organizations.


The most recognized event certification is a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional).  It requires several years of event experience, event training hours, and involvement in an event association before you can take the test to earn the CMP certification.


The CEP offered through Correlations Professional Training & Development is for new and aspiring event planners.  There are no prerequisites. The course starts as a 2-Day Event Planning Certificate Program to equip a novice with the fundamentals for professional event planning.  Every two years for a total of four consecutive years, students are required to renew their certifications online.  Upon completion of the four-year CEP Program, a certified event planner becomes a highly esteemed CEP Alumni.  With the formal CEP education and experience, most CEP students go on to earn a CMP designation.


What types of events do certified event planners organize?

Events fall into two categories:

Social Events—birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, bachelor parties, and religious and cultural events.

Corporate Events—conventions, client dinners, product launches, military events, employee training, motivational events, retreats, fashion shows, tournaments, and open houses for realtors.


Certified event planners organize small- and large-scale events from conventions, galas, holiday parties, tournaments, festivals, open houses, and company events.


Where do I start with becoming a certified event planner?

To become a certified event planner, enroll in an in-person or online class today at www.correlationsllc.com

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