About the Instructor

HELENA PASCHAL is a Training & Development expert. As the founder of Correlations Personal and Professional Training Development, she is armed with a Master's degree in Organization Development and a Certification in Hospitality Management. Helena has served as the director and consultant for 15 years. Through her company, she has trained over 6,500 event managers, corporate professionals, small business owners, and aspiring event planners around the country. As a consultant, she has worked with numerous colleges including Harvard, MIT, UCLA, and Fortune 500 companies ranging from NASA to Delta Airlines.

As an Event Planner, she has planned over 500 successful events including Exhibitions, Conferences, Food Festivals, Golf Tournaments, and Product Launches for corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

As the Director of the CEP Program, Helena Paschal provides an opportunity for first time event planners to learn her event expertise within accelerated training sessions designed to propel their career growth. She also delivers customized training presentations ranging from 2-3 day master classes. Her goal is to inspire professionals to deliver their own outstanding and rewarding events. In short, she knows how to create process improvements for events and she loves teaching others how to successfully plan events.

She has been featured in Forbes for leadership and countless event publications and blogs from Hostess with the Mostess, Catch My Party, Kara's Party Ideas and many more. You can count on Helena Paschal to give you a dynamic and motivating presentation and training session.

Book Helena as Your Speaker

For training, Helena can bring the CEP Program to your next meeting, conference, or break out session. Your team can become Certified Event Planners equipped with the abilities to improve your event profitability, reduce cost, improve business efficiency with process improvements, and tactical strategies to successfully plan your department and company events.

For business and leadership, Helena provides practical step-by-step training to women in business. She shares how power, influence, and persuasion can lead to dynamic marketing, public relations, and social media strategies to make your business thrive.

For women’s empowerment, Helena brings forth the importance of prayer and purpose with confidence, self-esteem, and emotional strength to help women identify their value.

Speaker Topics

Learn how to plan, organize, and host events like a professional Event Planner even if you have no prior experience. Invite your team to join Helena Paschal for a one day or two-day workshop designed to help participants become Certified Event Planners. The program can be brought onsite to your company, conferences, and break-out sessions. Most employees feel event planning is not their primary job and it pushes them completely out of their comfort zone. Administration and Marketing Departments often say the events just keep landing in their laps whether they want them or not! Helena will show novices to experts how understanding key strategies will lead to success even for last minute events. Save yourself time, anxiety, and mistakes by booking Helena today!
Learn how to navigate through business with power and take the lead with new strategies to grow your business. Helena shares how power, influence, and persuasion can lead to dynamic marketing, public relations, and social media strategies to make your business thrive. Helena expands your expectations with a new approach to tackle the issues of negotiation, team effectiveness, and building critical connections in business. Women can expect to gain a newfound inspiration, real-world steps towards achievement, and an increased confidence to grow their business.
Helena brings forth optimism, confidence, self-esteem and emotional strength to help women identify their value. She taps into fear, emotional fragility, anxiety, and lack of purpose as personal setbacks restricting the untapped potential of the power and value of women. Helena draws upon her personal wisdom and experience to help participants push the reset button on their lives to reinvent their purpose. She empowers women to become accountable to their strengths to live their life with passion and fulfillment.
This is a motivational training with 7 step-by-step event strategies used by Professional Event Planners. Helena Paschal shares how to apply event steps to change your goals and dreams into a plan to create the life you want. Her inspirational steps are small actions consisting of goal setting, transforming habits, and making your dreams come true! Customize this training as 30 minutes-90 minutes of training. It is perfect for campus events, organizations, non-profits, women’s empowerment events, churches, and entrepreneur meet ups or workshops.
Even the most skilled Event Planners face challenges when planning events. This motivational training is for the professional who often finds themselves in charge of important events. Experienced planners know the most memorable events are carefully planned, detailed, and the event flow is seamless. Everyone knows event planning is a process that requires hard work, dedication, and attention to get results. Helena shares tips to give Professional Event Planners the competence and confidence to stay within budget an on track! Customize this training as a 1 hour-3 hour workshop. It is perfect for women’s retreats, leadership events, corporate conferences, break out sessions, churches, and entrepreneur workshops.
A motivational training filled with 25 of the 101 Tips for Starting an Event Planning Business. Helena shares how small steps can lead to big results! Learn how to transform your passion for planning events into profits! From networking to marketing, this training will prove to be a catalyst to help you start, run, and develop a successful event business. Customize this training as 30 minutes-90 minutes of training. It is perfect for campus events, women’s empowerment events, churches, and entrepreneur meet ups or workshops.

Everyone can benefit from a healthy dose of motivation!

Send an email to info@correlationsllc.com to book Helena to speak at your next conference, convention, expo, workshop, campus event, or special event!


The Event Planning Certificate Program is non-refundable or transferable.

Core course content includes:
• Introduction to Special Events
• Meeting Planning Basics
• Food and Beverage Planning
• Event Marketing and Promotion
• Site Selection and Contract Negotiation
• Financial Management of Meetings & Events
• Starting your Own Business in the Meeting and Event Planning Industry
• Sponsorship and Fundraising
• Social Media in Event Marketing and Planning
• Event Portfolio Tips

Course Content Descriptions

Introduction to Special Events
Learn how to plan successful special events such as receptions, grand openings, and theme parties. We will provide you with the basic guidelines and tips you need to identify the purpose of the event, define the event's format, select a location, and develop event activities.
Meeting Planning Basics
You have been given the responsibility of planning an event. Let us show you where to begin. By learning just a few of the basic concepts involved in planning or coordinating a meeting, you can ensure a smooth running event. We will provide you with valuable resources for finding information, checklists, and event vendors. We also give you information about career opportunities in the event planning industry.
Food and Beverage Planning
Learn how to enhance your programs with successful food and beverage planning. We will explain policies and guarantees. We will also provide formulas for order pricing, tips on menu planning, and how to plan for special menus and theme parties. We will teach you how to effectively communicate with catering staff, how to read contracts and confirmations, and on-site coordination guidelines.
Event Marketing and Promotion
Effective marketing and promotion to your audience is critical to your event's success. You will learn several marketing tools and techniques, and how to use them to your organization's advantage. You will get practical strategies in creating an event marketing communication action plan before, during, and after your program.
Site Selection & Negotiation
Selecting a location is a complicated process involving more than just booking rooms or choosing menus. We will cover how to make the initial contact with a site, what to negotiate, effective site inspection, how to contract with a site, cancellation clauses, and ADA requirements.
Financial Management of Meetings and Events
Creating a budget and developing a plan to implement it are essential for the success of any meeting or event. Participants will learn how to forecast revenues and expenses, how to prepare spreadsheets, cost control, and profit and loss analysis. Bring your calculator if you are ready to dive into the core of professional event planning!
Starting your Own Business in the Meeting and Event Planning Industry
When is the best time to start your own business? Think you have what it takes to succeed? We will explore the basics in building an event business, from building your reputation and potential client base, to effective marketing, available resources and the necessary steps to help you succeed.
Sponsorships and Fundraising
Learn how to generate multiple revenue streams, design and sell corporate sponsorships, and get free Marketing and Public Relations for your events.
Social Media in Event Marketing and Planning
Learn how to use Social Media to increase attendance at your meeting or event. A lack of event marketing is the number one reason why events fail. Marketing starts months prior to the event with announcing. During the event you can continue to market to those who couldn't make it. After the event you can promote your next event.


The Correlations Event Design Certificate is intended to provide intermediate levels of knowledge in special event creation and execution.

With more than 250,000 pins on Pinterest and features in popular blogs such as Hostess with The Mostess, Kara’s Party Ideas, and Catch My Party, Helena Paschal has compiled techniques and tricks of the trade for transforming ordinary event spaces.

You can expect a jammed packed intense training full of crucial skills to work with tight budgets, tight deadlines, tight setup times, and more. You will learn how to quickly design dessert tables, beverage stations, table settings, etc. Whether you are on the brink of starting your own event business or you’re looking to fill in gaps with your current experience or you just love decorating events, this class is for you! After completing this course, you will earn an Event Design Certificate and you will have new skills to help you create an entire host of designs. You are about to take a course that will change your life. We take your success seriously—and we commit with a passion and focus that helps you see that we are more than training, we are more like motivation. Requirements?

The course consists of formal training, quizzes, supplemental reading, and a final assessment. A final assessment consists of 10 critical thinking questions.

Registration Fee $495

Registration includes training, course workbook, and certificate. The fee is non-refundable or transferrable.

10 Major Aspects of Event Design Are Covered During The Course

Introduction to Event Design
You have been given the responsibility of planning an event now you need to design it. Let us show you where to begin. What is an event design? What makes one design better than another? Learn how to successfully plan and design special events and theme parties.
Defining the Event
By learning just a few of the basic concepts involved in designing an event, you can ensure a smooth running event. We will provide you with valuable checklists and help you identify the purpose of the event and define the event’s format.
Process of Design
Learn how to enhance your design with dessert tables and beverage stations. We will provide formulas for ordering candies and treats and we will teach you how to make your dessert tables focal points at any and every event.
Event Marketing and Promotion
Building the Budget
Site Selection & Negotiation
Creating a budget and developing a plan to implement it are essential for the success of any event.
Designing with a Tight Budget
Learn savvy tips for shopping for décor, DIY (do it yourself) centerpieces, and much more!
Pricing Your Time
Learn how to charge your clients for your time and generate multiple revenue streams. Bring your calculators—you don’t want to miss this!
Real Time
How much time will it take you to successfully setup your design on the day of the event? How much help will you need? What exactly should your help do? Don’t overestimate or underestimate Murphy’s Law! Learn how to plan for the unexpected when determining the amount of time you need for setup.
Post Production
How much time will it take you to break down your event? How much help do you need? What vendors delivered? What rentals and when do rentals need to be returned? Who is responsible for returning them? Sometimes post production takes just as long as the event itself.
Event Design Business & Social Media
When is the best time to start your own business? Think you have what it takes to succeed? We will explore the basics in building your business from building your reputation and potential client base through social media, to effective marketing, and the necessary steps to help you succeed.






The 6 Week Accelerated Event Planning Boot Camp is a comprehensive overview of Professional Event Planning, with an emphasis on starting a business, budget development, and income generation. Career and business development is highlighted and illustrated with a workbook. Each week students can expect a weekly assignment every Monday morning and assignments are due the following Monday for six consecutive weeks. Each assignment is designed to develop a completed portfolio at the end of the course to share with employers and potential clients.


The course requires 4 assignments, 1 paper, and an assessment. The assignments are completed in either Word, Excel, or Power Point and should not exceed 2-4 pages of text weekly. The paper and the assessment are based on the workbook assignments, feedback, and critical thinking.

Students are encouraged to prepare their assignments as if they are going to give them to their employer or a potential client. Each assignment takes within 60-90 minutes to complete.


Assignments: 40% Paper: 10% Assessment: 50%

About the Course

The Event Planning Online Boot Camp has been created for the busy professional with a minimal amount of time. Students can expect to spend at least 60-90 minutes each week towards each assignment. Students are welcome to contact their instructor frequently to answer questions and provide one-on-one support and guidance. The instructor will provide feedback and a grade after each assignment has been turned in.

Week 1—Fundamentals of Event Planning
Overview: The first week involves a step-by-step approach to successful Event Planning, which includes venue research. Students are also challenged to create a one page professional biography.
Week 2—Negotiations & Contracts
Overview: Students will discover the income potential for professional Event Planners. The second week is dedicated to creating an event while learning how to make money and how to create a contract.
Week 3—Financial Management
Overview: The third week takes a closer look at the financial aspects of Event Planning, which includes creating brand value with a service price list to make a profit.
Week 4—Food & Beverage and More
Overview: The fourth week includes BEOs (banquet event orders), menu planning, and vendor research.
Week 5—Developing a Portfolio
Overview: Throughout the Online Boot Camp, students will be exposed to various important aspects of Event Planning. The fifth week is designed to challenge each student to create a portfolio filled with pictures of venues, menu samples, event services, vendors, and more!
Week 6—Wrap Up with Final Paper & Assessment
Overview: The last week is a wrap up of everything covered throughout the course followed by an assessment. Certificates are mailed within 10-14 business days after completing the course.

Quick Route to Getting a Certificate

Pay the registration fee and get started immediately. There is not an application process or fee. We have pioneered a streamlined online program and in person training in six nationwide cities. There is no reason not to get certified this year.

Training That Fits Your Schedule

Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of busy professionals. Choose our two-day or six-week online training, or the blended training format combining online training and in person training.

Rewarding New Career

We pride ourselves on bringing quality education to individuals who have a passion for planning events. The training we offer empowers our Event Planners to make a difference in the lives of their clients and employers. It makes a difference in their own lives giving the possibility to have their dream career or business as a Certified Event Planner.

Expert Guidance

When you enroll in our six-week Boot Camp, you will get expert guidance with real experience in the real world.

Our trainers have detailed knowledge of the certification process.

You can contact your trainer directly and receive answers to any questions you have via phone, email, or social media.

Your trainer is an experienced event planner who will give you detailed feedback to help you maximize your results of having a professional portfolio after the boot camp.