How To Bounce Back In 5 Steps

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April 3, 2020
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April 3, 2020
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How To Bounce Back In 5 Steps

We can wallow in the misfortune or we can get to work! While working on my books this year, I studied what the highest achievers do when their life is going down in flames!

1. DON’T DENY IT. Denying that your life is stagnant puts your energy in a state of wasted efforts. Remember when Blockbuster teased Netflix as being just a fad in the early 2000s? Netflix didn’t deny that it was going down but it redirected its efforts to forward thinking and it has become a mega force to reckon with.

2. FIND THE PROBLEM. Yes, we’re in a crisis but how does it specifically affect your bottom line? Do you need to think of alternative services and products that can endure even during a recession? Think about it and write down the problems that you can solve that you’re facing right now.

3. STRIVE FOR GREATNESS. The average person is consumed in doubt, worry, and fear so you must dig deep down inside and ask more from yourself. Can you get up earlier to put systems in place for your business? Can you find online resources to start educating yourself for your professional development? Can you use this time for self-care with exercise, drinking more water, eating healthier, doing your own hair and nails? Can you find daily inspiration on podcasts or YouTube?

4. INVEST IN YOURSELF. Is there something or someone that you can invest in? Maybe investing in a lead service can yield your next paying client? Maybe investing in a non-profit organization or a restaurant suffering through this tough time can create a relationship for future referrals or sponsorships. Investing in others can prove to be the best investment you can make in yourself.

5. THINK BIG. SOLVE SMALL. Write down your specific targets for this year. Write down your wildest dream and create small digestible tasks to get you to your goal.

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