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Successful people are successful planners.  It’s as simple as that.

Having a plan makes the difference between success and failure.  The 2 Day Event Planning Certificate Program is designed for the new and aspiring event planner to teach you how to plan events from start to finish. Corporate events, Non-Profit events, and Social events are covered.

Participants take with them a comprehensive course workbook that provides checklists and templates to have more control to plan events.

Advance your career by becoming a Certified Event Planner (CEP).  As a CEP, you will have our support for four years to assist with your professional development.  Seating is limited to 24 participants per class with Post COVID-19 safety and health precautions in place.  Enroll today!


The Online Event Planning Certificate Program is designed to give you the skills to plan events from start to finish.

You need the right skills whether you are setting meeting budgets, managing floor plans, selecting menus, negotiating with hotels, and working with vendors.

You need to be ready with the strategies to feel confident and prepared.  That’s where Correlations comes in.  We teach you how to plan events that build greater value and pave the way for promotions and increases in your career.

Learn how to plan events like a pro in our self paced Online certification class designed for the busy professional.   Register today and start today!


“I needed this confidence push!  Thank you Correlations for giving me the skills I didn’t know I was missing.  I feel ready now!” CEP, Jacqueline R. (2 Day CEP)

“It’s been very helpful with my background in legal, I am always interested in the legalities and contractual aspects of event management.  Thank you for helping me in my ongoing career transition.” CEP, Terri H. (2 Year Renewal)

“Since I oversee our organization’s events and fundraising to employee engagement, I am accustomed to incorporating SMART goals and KPI in everything I do.  I find that when I ask people what the goal of an event is, they seem not to know the answer.” CEP, Michelle P. (2 Year Renewal)

“I incorporate my event skills in my military career.  I will be using the agenda and overview grids especially when it comes to the military balls.  The Post-Mortem is another concept that I’ve learned that I shall be using.” CEP, Sherman M. (4 Year Renewal)


• Introduction to Special Events.
Learn how to plan successful special events such as receptions, grand openings, and theme parties. We will provide you with the basic guidelines and tips you need to identify the purpose of the event, define the event’s format, select a location, and develop event activities.

• Meeting Planning Basics.
You have been given the responsibility of planning an event. Let us show you where to begin. By learning just a few of the basic concepts as an event planner involved in planning or coordinating a meeting, you can ensure a seamless event.

• Food and Beverage Planning.
Learn how to enhance your programs with successful food and beverage planning. We will explain policies and guarantees. We will also provide formulas for order pricing, tips on menu planning, and how to plan for special menus and theme parties for memorable events.

• Event Marketing and Promotion.
You will get practical social media strategies in creating an event marketing communication action plan before, during, and after your events.

• Site Selection & Negotiation.
For event planners, selecting a location is a complicated process involving more than just booking rooms or choosing menus. We will cover how to make the initial contact with a site, what to negotiate, and effective site inspection.

• Financial Management of Meetings and Events.
Event Planners are responsible for creating a budget and developing a plan to implement it for the success of any meeting or event. Participants will learn how to forecast revenues, expenses, cost control, and analysis.

• Starting your Own Business in the Meeting and Event Planning Industry.
Are you already an Event Planner? Do you think you have what it takes to succeed? We will explore the basics in building an event planning business, from building your reputation and potential client base, to effective marketing, available resources and the necessary steps to help you succeed.

• Sponsorships and Fundraising.
The role of fundraising often falls into the lap of Event Planners. Learn how to generate multiple revenue streams, design and sell corporate sponsorships, and get free Marketing and Public Relations for your events.

• Social Media in Event Marketing and Planning.
Learn how to use Social Media to increase attendance at your meeting or event. A lack of event marketing is the number one reason why events fail. Marketing starts months prior to the event and it requires intentional strategies to make each event a success.

• Event Portfolio Tips.
New or Seasoned Event Planners fail to demonstrate their value to clients or employers. Learn how to create a portfolio with or without experience by using the tools and resources obtained in the Event Planning Certificate Program.

Limited to 24 participants.